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QMplus known issues and September 2017 Release

05 September 2017 07.00am

Post Upgrade Release – On Tuesday, 5th September 2017, between 7am-9am, we will be making some updates to QMplus. These updates will add new functionality as well as fix outstanding issues in QMplus since the July upgrade.


We are currently investigating the following issues. The most urgent will be fixed as soon as a solution is available. The remainder will be implemented in the September release.

  1. Turnitin Assignment and Grading Report problems.
    • Staff: Once a Turnitin Assignment has been submitted some functionality within the grading report ceases to work, such as the ‘edit’ button to upload a submission on behalf of a student. We are working on this as a matter of urgency. You will also notice that some icons at the top of the page do not respond, such as the ‘search’ and the ‘My QMplus Dashboard’ options.
    • Students: Once a student has submitted a Turnitin Assignment, some icons at the top of the page cease to work, such as the ‘search’ and the ‘My QMplus Dashboard’ options.Note: These problems do not affect the student submitting their Turnitin assignment, or prevent the teacher from grading the assignment. We are currently investigating this issue.
  2. Delete a course – The ability to delete a course on QMplus is not working. After you delete a course, you can still search for it and access it.
  3. ‘Main content goes here’ error – users intermittently experiencing a blank page with this error and being prevented from navigating anywhere within QMplus. Users are advised to clear browser cache to be able to access QMplus again.
  4. Anonymous posting to forums. This existing feature needs to be updated, and we are working on this for the September release.
  5. Marking Report (under Grades). The Marking Report appears to be working as expected in some course areas but not in others. This requires further investigation and we will be looking into this for the September release.
  6. Online Marking of .Docx documents. There is a new feature where .docx documents are converted to .pdf documents to allow for online marking. This requires some work and we will be looking into this for the September release. Teachers will still be able to mark online where students have uploaded their assignments as .pdf
  7. Mass Actions plugin has been disabled as it is not working as expected. We are investigating the issue.
  8. Gradesplus has been disabled as some work is required for this functionality within our new theme.
  9. SITS Marks transfer is not working as expected. We are investigating this issue.
  10. External HTML. When adding external HTML this can cause issues with the design of the page.
  11. A slideout menu sometimes appears from the right hand side saying ‘Undefined Drawer’
  12. Inconsistent breadcrumbs – truncated or very long
  13. Select all/none buttons not working when exporting grades from a gradebook and also not working in the Talis Aspire Reading Lists.
  14. Course Menu block items not working as expected – (you can hide reports, partcipants and MY QMplus in the config for this block)
  15. New icons missing for Tab Display, Echo360/Q-Review  and H5P
  16. Module search currently reported as being very slow and not working correctly on Smartphones
  17. Deleting course (administrators). There is a problem reported with deleting courses – although the feature exists, it is not working as expecting. Requires further investigation.
  18. Hiding and unhiding of topics in Collapsed Topics and Topics (QMUL) formats. Topics, once hidden and then revealed, do not appear in line with the other topics. (Being investigated)

Styling issues

  1. Zoom not working for Rubrics marking
  2. Table cells in books are losing their borders – intermittently
  3. The Checklist activity
  4. Creating groups – button placement and overall layout
  5. Drag and drop text Quiz Question type

Potential New Plugins

We are reviewing the following plugins to include them in the September release, if they pass our testing:

  1. Blackboard Collaborate – more information available at: and
  2. Allocation Form –
  3. My Feedback –
  4. Coursework –
  5. Sandbox –
  6. OneDrive –
  7. Talis Reading Lists – a new Talis Online Reading List option to be available as a trial only.
  8. Role Based Messaging – in house development
  9. S&E Course Management – in house development


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