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QMplus local school administrator list

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For: Staff and StudentsApplication: QMplus

If you have a question/issue regarding your courses e.g. course page, rollover, sits mark transfer, course creation, enrolment etc you can contact your departmental administrator who can deal with your queries. Please see below a list of contacts:

Name Email Department
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Aktar Hussain Business and Management (SBM) – undergraduate
Lorna Ireland Business and Management (SBM) – postgraduate
Holly Riches Business and Management (SBM)
Matthew Mauger and Richard Coulton English and Drama (SED)
Jonathan Boffey English and Drama (SED)
Sanam Javed Economics and Finance (SEF) undergraduate
James Kilvington Economics and Finance (SEF) undergraduate
Sarah Riley Economics and Finance (SEF) postgraduate
Eleanor Schreiber Geography
Shima Begom Geography
Chris Sparks and Catriona Tassell History
Has Yate Language, Linguistics and Film (SLLF)
Rumi Begum  Law
Marius Calu Politics and International Relations
School of Medicine and Dentistry
Wolfson Institute of Preventative Medicine
Tim Morgan Blizzard Institute
TBC TBC Institute of Dentistry
Karin Fernandes Institute of Health Sciences Education (MBBS)
Science and Engineering
Stuart Cadby Biological and Chemical Sciences (SBCS)
Tom Hewitt Biological and Chemical Sciences (SBCS)
Mark Small Biological and Chemical Sciences (SBCS)
Paula Fonseca BUPT Joint Programme
Admin Team Electronic Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)
Gary Welch, Hassan Abi, Sandra Wells Engineering and Materials Science (SEMS)
Francis Wright Mathematical Sciences
Susanne Steck Nanchang Joint Programme
Jessica Henry Physics and Astronomy


If your query involves something more technical or you require assistance from someone in the e-learning team, please raise a ticket via ITS helpdesk. Alternatively there may be a guide on our website which can answer your query.

Did this answer your query? If not, you can raise a ticket on the online Helpdesk or email: . Alternatively you can also request a particular guide on our guides request tracker.

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